The Most Expensive TVs in The World


Depending on the brand, model and year; a television set can be very expensive. Some of the newer models with the latest technology can cost well over a couple of hundred-thousand dollars. Believe it or not, manufacturers even make televisions sets that are priced well into the millions. The following material will reveal some of the world’s most expensive TVs.Click here for another great list.


1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Editionmost-expensive-televisions-in-the-world-with-prices-1-stuart-hughes-prestigehd-supreme-rose-edition


If you can really afford to spend $2.6 million dollars on a television set, then you really are a “boss” that deserves for the world to bow down at your feet. The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition TV is priced at the $2.6 million figure. This set is made out of gold and diamonds and it has the best picture quality that money could buy. While it is not the biggest TV in the world it has the luxury and style of a modern piece of art.


2. C SEED 2016a00d8341bf67c53ef0153926b24bc970b-800wi


The C SEED 201 is an enormously large TV that has a screen size of 201-inches. Think about that. That is close to 17-feet. TV’s that big will not fit into the average home. Even if someone lived inside of a huge mansion they still will have trouble setting up a television this size. The C SEED 201 is designed for outdoor use. The TV can be mounted to a fixture outdoor and the unit can hold up to cold, moisture, heat, rain and any other type of element that is present outside. This type of TV is priced at $160,000.


3. Samsung UA110S9 110 inch TVsamsung-ua110s9-110-inch-tv


A 110-inch television is nothing to laugh about and it will definitely make a great edition to any person’s home; if they have the space to set it up. The Samsung UA110S9 is a fairly large television model that costs $152,000. This TV has to be special ordered since it is not available in consumer outlets.


4. Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV679525907098136


The Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV is available within commercial markets. This model is the highest priced TV set that a person can purchase from out of a retail outlet. The Sharp LB-1085 was originally made for large commercial areas such as malls or arenas but consumers can purchase it for about $160,000.



5. The Titan 370titan-zeus-2



The British company Titan makes the most expensive television on the on the planet. This TV has a 370 square inch screen and is larger than two elephants put side by side. Titan’s 370-inch screen is the largest in terms of size and the TV has a crystal clear picture to be so big.


6. Panasonic 4K2K

Panasonic is an electronics company that has been around for many years. They now manufacturer a 152-inch screen that has a 1080p resolution, 24p Smooth Film 3D enhancer, stunning images and a 4K2K self-illumination panel. This particular television retails for about $600,000.


7. LG 84 inch TVlg-84-inch-4k-tv


Life’s Good and it is especially wonderful with the LG 84-inch television. This TV has an 84-inch screen has a 2160 pixel screen and a price tag of $20,000. The picture is astounding and it is designed to fit inside of large rooms with a enough wall space to accommodate this model.


8. Beovision 4-103beovision-4-103-inch-pdp-sm


At $104,000 the Beovision 4-103 is a large TV that satisfies any consumer that wants to show off their big sets to guests and family. The Beovision not only boasts size it is has exceptional picture quality and a great design that fits almost any living room screen.





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