Are 4k Resolution TVs Worth Buying


4K TV is the latest type of television model that has the best picture quality to date. This style of TV has been around since 2003 but it was primarily used within the film industry. In 2012 4K technology appeared in commercial markets. However, many people were not familiar with the technology and the sets were extremely expensive.


By 2015 the cost of 4K models began drop. Consumers are now able to afford one of these updated sets. Even though 4K televisions are now affordable; are they still worth buying? The following material should help you to make an informed decision about this matter.


What’s so special about 4K technology?wpid-thumbnail-8299955480d832b790599bc9add62205


The 4K model uses a 3,840-by-2,160-pixel resolution and has a picture quality that is 4 times greater than HD. The screen resolution is greatly defined for the 4K. People will immediately know the difference when they compare a 4K model and an HD set. 4K television also has updated technology that provides owners with more use in terms of streaming and viewing different sources of material.


Consumers can now Purchase 4K Televisions


In 2015 a major price shift had occurred within the 4K television market. The sets had become less expensive to purchase for the average consumer. In 2012 when 4K television models first appeared within commercial markets they cost as much as $10,000. The only people who could afford those prices were individuals who were well off.


Once prices started to fall in 2015 the trend continued. In 2016 the average cost of a 4K set is about $500 for a 50-inch screen. Many consumers can save up to buy a 4K model or just outright purchase one. 4K technology has become a lot cheaper and consumers probably should take advantage of the affordable prices.


Are 4K models really worth buying?4k-970-80


People should purchase a 4K model if they can afford to do so. However, it would probably be better for them to do it at a later date. Here is the reason why. Keep in mind that 4K is the latest technology for TVs, but this technology is not standardized.


In other words, there are no 4K players for movies, 4K streaming services from the internet or 4K cable television companies. All of this technology is in place but it is not yet available to consumers on the open market. HD has all of these technologies in place and consumers can easily purchase and afford them.


Another reason that you might want to hold off on buying a 4K set has to do with picture quality. While the picture quality of a 4K set is superior to any other type; if a 4K model does not have 4K technology in place to support it then the picture quality will resemble HD.


This is similar to playing an old VHS tape on an HD TV. The older technology media that is being played on newer technology will still look old and have a bad picture quality. 4K sets can playback HD quality media fairly well, but it will not bring out the best picture that the TV has to offer.


Ultimately, you will have to make a decision as to whether or not you would want to purchase a 4K model. Remember if you do, you will have to wait until the market can provide products and technology that can help to bring out the best in this style of television.





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