Best Online Alternatives to Netflix’s


Despite Netflix being a household name, many people still find themselves looking for viable alternatives that can still allow them to stream high-quality videos at a cheaper price. Thankfully, stiff competition in the industry has seen many content providers offering unique services geared towards distinguishing themselves from their competitors. This is manifested in terms of content quality, pricing, and other features. This variety makes it possible for consumers to switch from one content provider to the next.


Best online alternatives to Netflix’s


1 Hulu Plusmaxresdefault-24


It’s currently the biggest competitor of Netflix. It was founded in 2008 by a group of TV networks to cater for internet TV consumers. They distinguish themselves from the competition by bringing you the latest episodes of TV shows. Their collection of TV shows and movies is broad, although not as broad as what is currently offered at Netflix. Another point to note is that most of their content can be watched free of charge on a computer. But there’s a small monthly fee if you’d like to stream on a device or console.


2 YouTube youtube_logo1


Not everyone knows that YouTube hosts a huge number of legal movies and TV shows to watch. They’ve partnered with content providers to offer videos in both SD and HD. Users can then rent or purchase content directly from their account.


Producers who offer content on YouTube include Universal Pictures, Sony, and Warner Bros. The selection here can be patchy. But they still host recent and classic titles to watch. But if you’re bored, remember this is YouTube; you can always switch to funny cat videos.


3 Amazon Prime Instant Videoprime-instant


When they launched Amazon Kindle Fire, they realized that media streaming was big business, so they launched Amazon Prime Instant Video. The good thing is that their free library of content comes with a vast selection of perks. Some of these shows can’t be found on Netflix, and that’s a bonus. They are also doing what they can to bring original content to your device. For example, they’ve teamed up with Top Gear guys and a few more.


The coolest thing about this platform is that if you happen to rent a movie and them it starts to have buffering problems, the system will automatically detect and refund your money.


4 iTunesveuwer2u84


If you are a fan of Apple hardware, you will have so much entertainment here. Otherwise, your options are limited outside that ecosystem. Anyway, as an Apple hardware user, there is a good chance that you have used iTunes store to purchase something. The good thing with this platform is that it lets you grab the videos you’ve purchased for streaming via the internet. If WiFi is present, you can immerse yourself in pure entertainment via AirPlay.


5 Google Play


Google, as a tech-giant, has not been left behind either. They caught the fever and decided that they would copy iTunes business model. Google Play now has a wide selection of newly-released TV shows and movies. There’s also the option to buy or rent what you want to stream. A good backlog is also available here to serve you with variety.




Media streaming is big business and it’s becoming competitive by the day. Each of the entertainment services mentioned above will give you something distinct to marvel about. Some of them work on subscription models while others are ad-supported, hence they are free to use. Just keep this in mind.






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